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Alternative Fuels Special Issue 2021

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The Alternative Fuels Special Issue from Global Cement is a 90 page report containing original, exclusive, case studies, markets, opinion and analysis articles on the use of alternative fuels by the cement and lime industries.

It includes articles on how to start with alternative fuels to how the sector's low-CO2 future will affect plant design. There are shredding, dosing and burner case-studies, plus a look at the effects of rising biogenic content, pelletised fuels and how our sector can help to eliminate some of the world's most persistent pollutants. There is also insight into what drives regional fuel trends, with comment from the Middle East, the US, Europe and China.

The The Global Cement Alternative Fuels Special Issue was compiled for release at the 3rd Virtual CemFuels Seminar, which took place on 21 September 2021. The print version was distributed to coincide with the 4th Virtual CemFuels Seminar on 15 February 2022.





How to Start with AF: A look at correct sorting / specification of municipal solid waste, plus ways to ensure project viability - Hubert Baier, Consultant.

Future Burners: Fuels of tomorrow, including Hydrogen / Oxygen / Other gases, and their effects on burner design - Xavier D'hubert, Consultant.

Pre-Processing v Co-Processing: How the balance between AF preparation and plant complexity is changing - Matthias Mersmann, KHD Humboldt Wedag.

New Biogenic Fuels: Discussion of the rising importance of CO2 pricing and how this is driving biogenic fuel trends - Per Cederberg, Geminor.

Disposal of POPs by co-processing: How cement plants can help to dispose of some of the world's most persistent and wide-spread pollutants - Ed Verhamme, Alternate Resource Partners.

The Weird & Wonderfuels: Discussion of hard-to-process fuel streams, with focus on shredding - Peter Streinik, UNTHA shredding technology.



Ten Years of AF in China: Interview with Ian Riley, World Cement Association, on the drivers behind the use of AF in China.

Alternative fuels in the USA: Interview with Rick Bohan, PCA Sustainability Director, on the status of AF use in the United States.

Middle East Focus: Interview with Samer Al Zamer, SMART Systems, about nascent Middle Eastern AF trends and what producers can do to facilitate change.

Refuse-derived fuel and solid recovered fuel: TheUK, EU and further afield: Interview with Andy Hill, Cynosure, about alternative fuels trends and how these fit into the wider global AF picture.



In discussion: Lindner: Interview with Marco Egger, from shredder manufacturer Lindner Recyclingtech.

In discussion: WEIMA: Interview with Erik Hagen from shredder manufacturer WEIMA.

In discussion: 50 years of TANA: Interview with Josef Imp from shredder manufacturer TANA.

Waste Knot - Big plans for pellets: Interview with Matthew Goodwin from new UK-based pelletised fuel manufacturer Waste Knot Energy.

Next generation fuels with N+P: Discussion of new fuels from N+P - Lars Jennissen, N+P.



Fluctuating Flows: SICK's gas flow sensor technology helps Kirchdorfer Cement in Austria.

Maximising AF with CFD: CFD analysis and burner replacement case-study by FCT Combustion at Cemmac, Slovakia.

KHD Pyrorotors in South Korea: Two Asian case-studies concerning the Pyrorotor long-residence time combustion device.

TANA Shark for Lafarge: Tyre-processing case-study from the Czech Republic.

Fearless Shredding of hazardous waste: Vietnamese case-study from shredder manufacturer WEIMA.

Raising TSR in Greece: Per Cederberg, ReTec Miljø ApS