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Development of lightweight wallboard

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In 2010 USG shook the foundations of the wallboard market with the introduction of a new reduced-weight wallboard product, Sheetrock UltraLight Panels. Several other producers have since produced their own lightweight boards. Here Global Gypsum presents its detailed report into the lightweight wallboard market, including a detailed run-down of all lightweight wallboard producers, technical descriptions for all lightweight gypsum wallboard products currently available, discussion of the effects of lightweight wallboard on the global gypsum industry as a whole and future outlook.




Gypsum wallboard overview

The global gypsum market

The US wallboard market

Lightweight wallboard overview

-- United States Gypsum (USG)

-- American Gypsum (Eagle Materials)

-- National Gypsum

-- CertainTeed (Saint-Gobain)

-- Continental Building Products

-- Georgia-Pacific

-- Temple-Inland

-- Pabco Gypsum

-- GCG (USG)

-- Panel Rey

Gypsum wallboard standards

Environmental concerns

Lightweight wallboard producers

The lightweight wallboard market

Lightweight wallboard trends

Lightweight wallboard production
-- Plasterboard liner (PBL)
-- Stucco additives

Financial implications




Table 3: List of ALL lightweight wallboard products, available on the market, including:

-- Producer and product name,

-- Standards compliance,

-- Board weight (metric and Imperial),

-- Thermal resistance,

-- Flame spread,

-- Smoke development characteristics.

Table 4: Comparison of lightweight fire-resistant gypsum wallboard products and their standard weight analogues (where such analogues exist). All are 5/8 inch.

Table 5: Comparison of Georgia-Pacific ToughRock Gypsum Board and ToughRock Lite-Weight Gypsum Board.

Table 6: Prices of lightweight gypsum wallboard products stocked at various Lowes and Home Depot outlets in the USA.

Table 7: Typical properties and miminum/maximum standards as required by ASTM C1396 test method for 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch wallboard.

Table 8: Hamburger Reiger's current front-facing ivory and back-facing grey PBL products and properties.

Map: Global gypsum wallboard industry by level of development.